Thursday, December 6, 2012

GIVEAWAY Natural~Roxx All Natural moisturizing hair Spritz (Closed)

It took me forever to do this giveaway but it's finally here.
Shout out to my girl Roxanne From Natural Roxx for sponsoring this giveaway.
I first met Roxanne at my natural hair event that I was cohosting The Experience NYC.
She gave me a bottle of her moisturizing hair Mist and said check it out. And so I did.
This Mist makes my hair so moisturized so soft so manageable I really like it a lot a whole lot. I also like to use it when I install my kinky twists for protective styles. Anyway I'm giving one away guys.I did a review video I'll link in the below I get into way more detail on how I really feel and how I love this product. :)

All photo credit

Wayne Summers

Now here are the rules

1.You must be a follower of this blog

2.You must like Both Ahsiek1118 & Natural Roxx Facebook page

3.Subscribe to Both Ahsiek1118 & Roxanne's YouTube channel

4.Follow Both Me (ahsiek1118) & Roxanne On Instagram (foxrox261)

5.Leave a comment under this post saying you did everything.

That's It!

Good luck!

I told you I did a review video

Here it is!


  1. Did everything :) That baby pic on her home page is too cute!

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    1. Hey Shedel You Won!
      Send me your info asap

  3. Done baby! I'm excited. Goodluck everyone!

    Liked on Facebook under Nappyfu
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    Followed your blog under Grace GO

  4. I did any and every thing! :) Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!!

    1. Hey Teneele You Won The other winners did not get back to me in a timely fashion so you are next in line please send me your address

  5. I did everything. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I did everything. I've been wanting to try this since your review. Thanks!

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    1. Guess What You Won!
      Roxann Decided to let me giveaways 2 bottles
      so your winner #2 :)
      Please send me your address asap

  8. Mission accomplished lol! Thanks for having this awesome product giveaway!

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    1. Hey You Won! so the other winners did not get back to me in a timely fashion so you're the next in line :)
      Email me your info to

  10. I did everything! :)

  11. Done done it all!! Lol, I NEED this in my life :-)

  12. Done!!!! I did!!!!! Please allow me to win I am a product junkie with dry scalp/hair I need moisture lol

  13. I just love you! From your style to your personality. Do check me when you get a chance. Bisouuu

  14. I did it all! I love your style!

  15. Thank You All For Entering
    This Giveaway is now closed!