Friday, February 1, 2013

Sneak Peek! OBI Natural Hair Care

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 OBI Natural 

Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar

Price: $10.00

Curl Moisture Cream

4oz $10.00

8oz $18.00

Curl Enhancing Custard - 12oz


Curl Hydration Spray - 8oz


First I washed my hair with the coconut and Shea shampoo bar, the smell of this bar is amazing had my bathroom and bedroom smelling like coconut I loved it. The smell of the bar also got the attention of my son and the boyfriend who also loved it. I must say the bar did leave my here feeling a little stripped but when I added my conditioner it was all good.

So I hopped out the shower did my usual moisturizing method added some leave in conditioner and some Shea butter. I decided to do a Mini Twist Set because I like to test how many days a product can moisturize my mini twists because I usually leave my twist in for about a week or so. 

I sprayed my hair with the Curl Hydration Spray, Not too much just a couple of pumps just enough for each section and I usually have about 4 to 6 sections. I added the Curl Moisture Cream Which I found was super moisturizing knowing the type of hair I have this would be a great product for the summer because the curl it gave me reminded me of my summer hair light and bouncy but still defined. 

Last but not least I added the Curl Enhancing Custard. I really like this product it's very thick and my hair loves thick moisturizing products. My curls really popped when the product went on. This product gave great definition and pretty good hold. So I did a bunch of mini twists I left them in for about a week I wanted to keep them in for longer but I had an meeting to attend and I didn't want to rock my mini twists. 
Here's how The twists looked when I took them down.

The day I took these pictures I was filming a video resetting my twist using all the products I mentioned above video should be on my YouTube channel very soon I'll also do a blog post to remind you guys about it

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