Sunday, April 30, 2017

CURLFEST 2017 In Brooklyn!

My girls over at Curly Girl Collective never disappoints when it comes to throwing a great event, I'm proud to say that I have never missed a CurlFest. Some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers and Beauty Influencers will be in attendance. Lets not forget about all the fashion and Natural Hair styles walking around. So many great photographers will be there so come cute because you never know who's watching lol. The DJ always has the crowd going and it always turns into a Soul Train style dance party. Don't forget about the CurlFest marketplace packed with great fashion, beauty and natural hair brands. 

 CurlFest Tips I've Learned Over The Years. 

 1. Bring A Friend.

You can always come by yourself, I'm sure you will meet some great new people but why?  

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes. 

3. Come Early!!!

If you want to snag a good spot to spread your blanket if you're thinking about hanging out all day.

4.Bring A Blanket 

Last year I meet a subbie chilling in the shade with all her homies with plenty of snacks to last the day. 


Last year I brought a cheep table cloth from the 99cent store over on Flatbush Ave, some sushi from another spot near by and was set. The best part is not having to bring all that stuff back home, especially if you plan on going out to dinner or drinks with the squad afterwards... #yowelcome 

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Fun From CurlFest 2016!
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Natasha of Mane Moves Media 

Jewel's Vintage Closet

Hey Simone! 1/5 of the Curly Girl Collective 

Curl Friends

Benny Harlem

The homie Danielle
Freelance, Makeup Artist

Watch My Vlog From Last Year's CurlFest 2016!

Subbie Love!

Subbie Love!


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