Thursday, March 3, 2011

NO Shampoo For ME!!!!

Dr. Woods Lavender Castile Soap, With Organic Shea Butter!!!

When I First Went Natural I Told Myself  "no shampoo"  Why? You Ask Shampoo Dried my hair out so badly that i knew if  I wanted  my Natural hair to grow healthy, shampoo was one of the products I could not use.

Dr. Woods 

Castile Soap

 All Of Them : Peppermint, Almond, Tea Tree, Black Soap, Almond. I Love Them All, never had a problem with dryness or stripping cleans my hair very well....:)

  • These Soaps Has Natural Healing Properties of olive oil with and invigorating scent, The Lavender one has the best smell in my opinion...
  •  I LOve The Fact That These Soaps Do not contain any harsh detergents and  leaves My Hair and Skin feeling clean and soft.

So If Your Like ME
    And YOur Don't Wanna Do The Shampoo Thing.
 Try Some  Castile Soap Today!!!