Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ah FAB NAtural Hair Girl!!

Listen Being Ah Natural Girl Is Fabulous! Period!!!! lol....:)
I Love When Am Out And About And Random People Just Come Up To Me And Say "Your HAir IS Beautiful" I LOveeeee IT!!!! It Makes me Feel So Good lol.....By George I think Ive got This Natural Hair Thing Down!...Maybe! 

I Have HAd The Longest Conversation With So Many Ladies Of All Ages About The Joy Of Natural HAir. I Have Question, They Have Question, It's Great. Living In The NYC Is The Best So Much Beautiful Natural Diva's To Meet....:) Let's Not Forget Our Guys We Have Some Sexy Natural Man Of All Ages LOl  Walking Around The Streets Of NYC!..

NOw I Said This Before  My Perm Was PopIn And I Loved  IT...But My Natural HAir IS THe SHIt!

I Love To See The Girl's On Youtube Talk About How Much They Love There Hair And All Of The Great Video's On  Ways  We CAn achieve Really FaB! Natural HAir...FYI-I Also Have A Youtube Channel All About NAtural HAir..

I'm So Excited Because Many Of My Friends And Family Didn't  Think I Would Last This Long  My Curls Have Come A Long Way Since I First started. 

I Loved My  journey So Far And i Hope All You Fabulous Natural Diva's Out There Are Doing The Same!!!

                                   LOVE YOu All!!!


  1. Your hair is sooooo fly..I love it! I too am enjoying my journey and have never been this excited over hair..keep inspiring