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When I saw the ingredient Young Coconut Water I was sold. I grew up drinking coconut water, I was born on the beautiful island of Barbados coconut trees are everywhere
I still drink coconut water all the time and coconut oil is one of my favorite natural hair and skin products.

Launched In 1993 by skincare expert
JOEY NEW YORK is back with a key new ingredient

Bye Bye Blackheads

This Specialized Formula Is Comprised Of Young Green Tender
Coconut Water And Indian Ginseng Extract Complex For Line
 Smoothing, Healing, And Protecting Skin.

I've been using this product for about two months now and I know it works because many friends of mine my boyfriend and even my mom Has been telling me how good my skin looks.

Correct-A-Line For Face And Eyes

Of the two products I was sent to review this one is my favorite.

I love make up but I never was a primer type of girl no particular reason I just never felt the need for it. 

This Correct A Line Primer Has made me a believer lol. The first thing I noticed when I put it on my skin was how instantly smooth my skin felt like a fresh clean canvas to apply my foundation over.

My skin gets very shiny in my T zone so when  I read on the website that the Correct-A-Line For Face And Eyes  mattifies and absorbed excess oils as it reduces shine I really wanted to see if it was worth the while. 


The website also mentioned that it was a camera ready strength gel serum and it gives the entire face and eye area a smooth and flawless look. 

As a beauty blogger you always want to be photo ready. And that's always a plus when I'm making videos over on my YouTube channel ahsiek1118

I love that it hydrates my skin and locks in the moisture.

I love when a product says it's going to do something and it actually does it.

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