Friday, March 29, 2013

OBIA Natural Hair Care Review/Giveaway


I'm giving away a full line of OBIA Natural Hair Care.

I was sent over these products to try out and I've had them for a while now.

I did a full review on my Youtube channel and that's where you can win yourself some of these awesome products.

Use this spray daily to moisturize and hydrate your hair & scalp.

You get 8 ounces for 10 bucks.

I used way too much of this product the first time I tried it but I've learned a little goes a long way. This moisture cream is super moisturizing. I know it's going to be a great summer product.

This is the 4 ounce jar and you can get that for 10 bucks or there's also a 8 ounce jar for 18 bucks.

When I first used the shampoo bar I got a little bit of that stripping sensation you get when you're using shampoo like the time I used to Shea moisture black soap shampoo and my hair felt like a dreadlocks LOL . But the OBIA coconut Shea shampoo bar was nothing like that ( Thank God) I added my conditioner and my hair felt great. I especially love the way my hair felt when I got out of the shower and I took my T-shirt off of my head (I dry my hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel because the towel tends to take way too much moisture out of my hair) my hair was so baby bootie soft.

There's also a Neem and tea tree oil shampoo bar both shampoo bars 10 bucks.

My favorite product of the line, Curl Enhancing Custard it's awesome I love the texture it's like a creamy jelly. If you're into wash and go's I hear it's a good product for that type of style. I'm more of a twist out braidout kind of girl. I've been using this product for a while now and I got so much love for this product. Looking for great definition beautiful bouncy curls and lots of shine this is the product for you.  

This was a week after I did my hair with all of the products shown above.

 I told you guys the definition was AWESOME!!!

I have a video with me doing my hair with these products check it out below

Don't forget to check out the full review where you can find all the info on the Giveaway!

check it out below.

Good Luck!

Don't Forget To Give FACE!

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